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Global Legal Management;

Regulatory Aspects;

Tax Planning, Tax Management, and Sector Specific Fees;

Legal and administrative operations with regulatory agencies (ANEEL,      MME, ONS, CCEE and EPE) for generation, transmission, distribution, and  sales entities.

Processes involving grants (concession, permission, and authorization);

Administrative Law, Public Tender, and Private/State Partnerships - PPP;

Global Management of Legal and Financial Contracts;

Financial Structuring of Corporate Finance, Project Finance, and

Private Equity;

Corporate Structuring and M&A;

Sale of Energy on the Open Market and at Auctions; 

Litigation Management for Pension Funds - Closed Supplementary Pension Entities (EFPC).


Energy Sector: Wind Farms, Ethanol, Biomass, Hydroelectric, Thermoelectric, and Photovoltaic Power Plants.


Infrastructure in general, including building blocks for compression modules, shipyards, platforms, industrial plants, sewage works, oil and gas exploration blocks, ports, and airports.

Team's Experience in the Electrical Sector

Eletrosul - Costa Oeste S.A - Legal Management  - Transmission Lines Assets

Corredor do Senandes Odebrecht Wind Farm - Rio Grande - RS - 104 MW

Cassino Banco Santander/ REB Complex - Rio Grande - RS - 64 MW

Ouro Negro Thermoeletric Plant  – Pedras Altas – RS - 600MW

Small Hydroelectric Plant - Capivari - SC - 18 MW

Elebrás Cidreira I Wind Farm - EDP - Tramandaí - RS -  70 MW

Guirapá Complex - Caetité - BA - 160 MW

Ventos Maranhenses Wind Farm - Paulino Neves - MA -  28,9 MW

Wind Farm Complex - Trairi - CE - Faísas - 140 MW

Santa Cruz Wind Farm - São Francisco de Paula - RS -  90 MW

Agua Doce Wind Farm- Agua Doce - SC -  129 MW

Quixaba Wind Farm - Aracati - CE -  25,5 MW

Nova Eólica Vento do Oeste - Acaraú - CE - 19,5 MW

Nova e Eólica Lagoa Seca - Acaraú - CE -  19,5 MW

Vale dos Ventos Wind Farm - PB -  48MW

Milennium Wind Farm - PB -  10,2MW

Team Experience with Pension Funds

Fundação Banrisul;
Fundação Silos e Armazéns;
Fundação Assistencial e Previdenciária da Extensão  Rural do RS;
Fundo Paraná de Previdência Multipatrocinado da  JMaluceli;


''Today, a corporate law firm is not restricted to legal aspects involving lawsuits, contracts, of financial operations. The market requires versatility and a new, more proactive attitude.

We believe that legal knowledge with depth is a must, but other strategic prerequisites are needed, such as accounting, finance, controllership and management knowledge. This is our philosophy.''


                                                                                                     Fernando Flach - Diretor

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